Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Family Restoration ExperiencE (F.R.E.E.) Awaits | Family Camp

Finally, someone realizes that the middle class, especially single parent families, need help too.  The Family Restoration Experience (F.R.E.E.) is designed to meet the needs of families stressed by the demands and disappointments of life.  This experience is life changing and can truly strengthen your family bonds. The Restoration ExperiencE awaits you...  

See how zip lining in the dark teaches family communication, how white water rafting teaches trust and how caving and mountain rappelling teaches hope when you can't see the end.  Be assured all things will work together for the good of the individual and family unit. Our team of committed professionals is ready to serve. We help to bring harmony, balance and joy into your relationships. 

We are also looking for donations and resources to help with our upcoming camp.  We also welcome your suggestions and feedback regarding fundraising opportunities. If you are interested in coming or supporting us, please visit our website.  

Praying For Our Children