Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is There A Right Way To Pray? | Pray For Our Children

So is there really a right or wrong way to pray?  Is there something you have to say or do to make your prayers be heard?  Well, we tend to think not. When it comes to prayer, the most important elements have little to do with procedure and much more to do with belief and faith.  We recommend your prayers focus on the following:

FAITH: Having a deep rooted belief in the Higher Power you are praying to and immovable certainty that your prayers and being heard will make your prayers powerful.

SINCERITY: Do not pray for what you feel you “should” pray for or what others tell you to pray for. Pray from the heart with sincere intention.

LOVE: Root the essence of your prayer in love (love of self, others and the world as a whole).  Your prayers should never stand in contradiction to unconditional love.

Prayer does not have to necessarily be complicated or ritualistic. Pray in a way that suits you and your spiritual beliefs.  Embrace prayer as something you can do as often as you need, allowing it to protect and heal you at all times.  The power of prayer is truly remarkable and we encourage you to pray deeply and pray often, and of course, pray for our children.  We also invite you to join us for First Tuesdays, our monthly prayer call.

Praying For Our Children