Thursday, January 30, 2014

Calling Single Parent Families to be F.R.E.E. | Children's Charity

Join us for The Family Restoration ExperiencE (formerly Camp P.R.A.Y.). We Are Now Accepting Applications for Family Restoration Experience!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE...

WHY Family Restoration ExperiencE?
This signature program is key to fulfilling our mission. To ensure the comprehensive nature of our work is represented, the name of this program has changed from Camp P.R.A.Y. to the Family Restoration ExperiencE ( F.R.E.E. ) . It is more than a 7-day camp. It is an experience that last a year with a lifetime of benefits!

Why We Offer This Program?
In the natural progression of life, children test their boundaries. This is particularly true during adolescence and in the best of circumstances, family bonds are stressed. The adolescent may begin to act out in ways that are inappropriate and at times, dangerous. Parents often find themselves completely helpless and bewildered to find solutions or support. Middle class single parents are particularly distressed because they do not qualify for government sponsored programs and do not have the financial resources to access private help.

The Family Restoraition ExperiencE ( formerly Camp P.R.A.Y. ) fills that void by engaging the entire family in a restoration experience that begins with a 7-day retreat in the mountains. During the seven days, they engage in intense family counseling, attend group meetings where they discuss family dynamics, improve communication skills and rebuild relationships. APPLY NOW!

Praying For Our Children