Friday, January 18, 2013

The Benefits Of A Prayer Blanket

Children are so vulnerable to the negativity and spiritual depravity that society surrounds them with. They need the loving adults in their lives to constantly protect them physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Prayer blankets play an important role in their spiritual protection. There are many benefits to “covering” your baby in prayer by swaddling them daily in a prayer blanket, including:

PRAYER BLANKETS ARE A TANGIBLE EXPRESSION OF PRAYER: When you have a special blanket that represents your child’s spiritual connection to both you and their Creator, it can bring you both closer and enhance your spiritual bond.

PRAYER BLANKETS SERVE AS A REMINDER TO PRAY: Sometimes between changing diapers and warming bottles we can forget to take a moment daily (or multiple times a day) to simply pray.  Praying for our children provides them with the spiritual protection and armor they need.

PRAYER BLANKETS SOOTHE THE CHILD: The blanket itself with become a warm reminder to your child of the safety, love and grace they feel when you are praying for them.

Keep your infant covered in prayer. Our “Keep Me Covered” Campaign is a service to families to invite prayer into their daily lives. We invite churches, mosques, synagogues, other religious institutions, and individuals to participate in our "Keep Me Covered” Campaign.  Our Prayer  blanket is a symbol of what it means to be covered with prayer. It provides protection, comfort, warmth and security. In 2013, let's make sure every infant we know is covered. To order a prayer blanket click this link .

Praying For Our Children