Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What’s New With Praying For Our Children | Prayer Services

Staying engaged and active in the community around us is important to our cause.  Encouraging and supporting families and children is a mission that never ceases.  Some of our current efforts include:

F.R.E.E.: We invite Single Parent Families to be F.R.E.E. We want you to join us for The Family Restoration ExperiencE  (formerly Camp P.R.A.Y.). We are now accepting applications for our upcoming camp. It is a 7-day camp offering  a rewarding experience with benefits that can last a lifetime!

FIRST TUESDAYS:  The first Tuesday of each month is designated for uplifting prayer.  First Tuesday’s are a time for encouragement, and spiritual support. Our monthly prayer call from 6:00 – 6:30 p.m. EST, the first Tuesday of every month, people are encouraged to join a group to pray for the well-being of children. Our prayer services are vital to our mission of restoring families. (To join us on our prayer line call 1-530- 881-1300 Access Code: 424741#)

PRAYER BLANKETS: We believe in keeping our little ones covered in prayer. Our plush prayer blankets are perfect for all of the important children in your life. The prayer blanket is a symbol of what it means to be covered with prayer. It provides protection, comfort, warmth and security from one who knows All things. You can order your prayer blanket today. 

Praying For Our Children