Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Do Grassroots Nonprofits Struggle For Survival?

When I started Praying For Our Children, it was to establish a day of intercessory prayer for our children. This simple mission grew into an expanded organization that offers prayer groups, international mission trips, Camp P.R.A.Y. and support services. Though our mission is altruistic, financial support has been hard to come by, so I began to wonder why and explored this thought more.  

I thought about how quickly someone accused of crime, large corp. structured charities (with high paid CEOs), or causes attached to a famous face can raise thousands or even millions of dollars so quickly.  This lead me to reflect on the “true values” of the society in which we live. Unfortunately, the picture that started to become more and more clear wasn't a very pretty one. We live in a society dominated by a focus on fame, status, recognition and reward.  So when a small grassroots organization tries to amass support and funds, it becomes a serious uphill battle as we have no fame, status or reward to offer. We can only offer our humble gratitude and promise to use what is donated to better the lives of families and children.  

As a society plagued with violence, family breakdown and materialism, we must find our way back to the simpler things… love, family, service and prayer.  Our focus and consciousness must shift so we see the immense value of supporting those in need around us without any recognition or reward.. We are so grateful to those who have supported us through the years and those who will support us in the future, but simply want to bring light to the way so many small nonprofits struggle for mere survival (even though they shouldn’t have to).

Praying For Our Children